October 10, 2011

A Writer's Life - Let's make it short

It's funny, but I've always seen myself as someone who writes novels or at least novellas, or preferably, big fat tomes. That's not to say that I don't think I have it in me - the talent for short-stories that is. I guess the real problem is that one thing leads to the next and before I know it my 12 pages short-story idea mutates into a trilogy that would shame Tolkien. Don't ask me how this happens, it simply does. However ...

Lately I've been reading a couple of short-story collections and I liked (most of) them so much that the thought sneaked up on me. Why not give it a try? Again? It's not as if I never tried out whether I'm cut out for short narrations. I have. I know I can do it. It's just that with three handfuls of other ideas that have attacked me quite unexpectedly this year I'm a bit hesitant. The day has only got 16 hours after all. Yes, 16. The rest is reserved for sleeping. Anyway ...

As I've unsuccessfully tried to fight off a rather unique idea earlier this year, I figured why be coy? Let's just do it! Of course this decision was made after a night of only 7 hours of sleep, so maybe my judgement is a bit impaired in that regard. Yet, now it's said and consequently it shall be done. Yours truly will try herself on a little bit of short-story writing. Appropriately enough I've got some tasty and crunchy ideas that lean precariously into the horror genre. That much for not venturing out of my favorite writing genres. Ha. Or maybe we should just call it speculative fiction with a twist. Yep, I like that.

And about the above mentioned unique idea (which some of you might remember as my secret project, last blogged about ... a while ago) I'll tell you more about that next week or the week thereafter. Let's just say I am currently waiting for the first copy of it to sit in my mailbox and I really need to hold it in my hands before I start bragging and practically forcing ... uhm, encouraging you all to get a copy yourself. Now I made ya all curious! Good.


  1. Good luck with writing short stories! I know it's not an easy task, especially after you discover some great ones. I recommend Dorothy Parker :)

  2. The horror would be the least of your problems, my dear friend! I plan to write the stories in German :-D !!