October 24, 2011

A Writer's Life - Sulking in the Attic

Want to know my first reaction when I received an e-mail notification from Smashwords that someone has bought my book?


That about sums it up. I felt excited and, admittedly, also a little queasy. The bookish version of stage fright, so to say. Though, oddly enough, this going from feeling like throwing up to shouting "Woohoo!" is just part of the fun!

So there I sat with this funny feeling in my stomach. The fact that this innocent person who had no idea what she got herself into by buying my book, took its sweet time to finally sink in. Even more incomprehensibly ... she bought the book on the spot. Read last week's blog post, headed over to Smashwords, and bought it. Just like that. Have I mentioned yet that I love people who are daring like that? I really do!

And I'm pretty sure that you are of the daring kind too. Come on, admit it. You are!

Ha. Bet you tried out both!

Anyway, imagine my delight when the first review for my book popped up on Goodreads! Just days after Laurie bought the book! And we're talking 5 stars, baby! Feel free to stop by Laurie's blog Laurie Here Reading & Writing Reviews too. She's definitely got more to offer than my shining review!

Then, a few days later, friends of mine ordered the book as well. Not sure whether they did so, because they felt obliged, but even if ... who cares? Haha. They're my friends, they trust me, and I know they won't be disappointed. And in case I should happen to be wrong ... you may find me sulking in the Attic.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get that publicity wheel turning!

And remember, being daring is a good thing!


  1. Yey! I wish I had more time to be bold and daring!

  2. Hmm, now I feel like a bad friend :) I promise I will be a better friend next year, you'll see :)

  3. I have to admit. I bought it purely for self-gratification purposes. I plan on showing everyone my name as Editor. HAHAHAA!!!!!

    Ok, seriously, I wanted to know what it looked like in a book, instead of a stack of papers spread across my table.