November 20, 2011

Books Aplenty - As I lay me down to sleep

Some books will keep you up at night, others will make you doze off within minutes. Now why would I mention this? Let me think ...

Who's never thought about which famous dead persons, or more precisely authors, they'd like to meet for a nice chat? In AfterWord (Dale Salwak) living authors do just that, sharing the circumstances and conversations with the reader. From Mary Shelley to Jane Austen, from Oscar Wilde to William Faulkner. sounds wonderfully intriguing and turned out to be one of the most boring books I've read this year. *stifling a yawn*

Do you know What Language Is (John McWorther)? Languages are intricate and complicated and often quite messy. Especially when you're trying to learn a new one you'll realize just how many rules there are, and even more exceptions to those rules. Blessed those with a talent for learning foreign tongues. Very entertainingly written, a bit heavy on actual examples (oh my), but certainly a recommendable book for anyone interested in linguistics.

Somebody please tell me why I thought The Way We Fall (Megan Crewe) would be a dystopian novel? I requested it on NetGalley this week, was approved the very next day and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. By the time I realized it is actually more of a thriller (though sequels might eventually fall into the dystopian genre, come to think of it) I was already so engrossed that I couldn't put the book down. The diary entry narrative took some getting used to, but it fits just perfect, making the whole virus-wipes-out-population scenario even more gripping and real.

Another book I received through NetGalley this week is The Edinburgh Dead (Brian Ruckley). Makes me dream about my vacation in Scotland *sigh* though I didn't encounter any zombies there (I think).

No IMM post this week, boohoo!!


  1. Genres seem to be getting more and more flexible these days, which isn't nessecarily a bad thing!

  2. Thanks for the alert for "The Way We Fall". I am a huge fan of these kind of novels, of which there seem to be more and more on the market. (Or is it I am just now noticing??) I have put this one on my reading list as a must read! Thanks again!