November 6, 2011

Books Aplenty - The dry spell is over

So ... I caved. Then again, I never claimed to be on a book hoarding band, did I?
Let's just say I couldn't resist a couple of interesting free downloads at Smashwords - Hollowland (Amanda Hocking), Darkhouse, Red Fox and Dead Sky Morning (Karina Halle). See? Only four books. That's not so bad now is it?

I also did a little bit of reading. Obviously. Starting off with a bit of fiction before dipping into some non fiction in the middle of week to end up with fiction again. Book sandwich.

Borrowed Saints (Aaron Polson) is a short YA novel about two siblings who move in with their uncle after their parents died. Introduce a small town where ghosts are on the loose after some tragic accidents (or murder) in the past. The idea itself isn't really new and the whole execution feels awfully crude. The shortness of the book doesn't help much either, not to mention the rushed ending.

If you're easily disgusted you might feel like skipping a book like That's Disgusting (Rachel Herz) though I can assure you this has been a fascinating and informative read in which the author draws on research in psychology and evolutionary biology. Ever wondered why your own spit doesn't bother you, but if someone spits at you you're disgusted? Or how about feeling like you might have to throw up when you see an accident and there's someone lying on the street with a severed limb, yet you're thrilled when someone gets butchered in a horror movie? Well, read the book and find out more!

No, I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo. Then again, a guide on being capable to write a book in 26 days sounded too good to be ignored. In Write-A-Thon (Rochelle Melander) everyone who ever wanted to write a book but felt discouraged by a million reasons why it might mot be such a good idea after all, will get the boost they need. Lots of advice here, even for those who have already written books, because (and I know first hand what I'm talking about) all writers struggle with their muse and this awful thing called procrastination.

Completing my book sandwich I then picked up a mystery novel, No Alibi (Jenny Hilborne). Woman finds out her husband is cheating on her and the next thing you know his lover is dead. Shot! And there are quite a handful of suspects. Some small inconsistencies in the plot, yet nice twists on who-dunnit, made this book and overall ok read.

And I am really happy to present to you an IMM post in a bit. After three weeks of no IMM it's about time too!

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