November 27, 2011

Books Aplenty - Lovely and quirky

One oh so lovely and one oh so quirky read! You could say it's been a good week in reading for me, even though I only managed to read two books. To be honest, I am still working on the third book, and hopefully I will finish the 290 pages tome tonight. Ha. Is it just me or am I slowing down? Already in hibernation mode it seems.

Many of you have read the novel of the same title, and while I haven't done so myself, I couldn't resist the companion to the book, The Language Of Flowers: A Miscellany (Mandy Kirkby). This is a gorgeous little gift book in best Victorian tradition. Enveloped with beautiful illustrations and poetry, you learn about the meaning of different flowers. Loved it!

Death is no laughing matter. Then again, maybe it is. Death: A Survival Guide (Sarah Brewer) had me chuckling from page one, which might make you question my sanity. This book is full with information on ways to die and how to avoid them - everything from anaphylactic shock to tuberculosis, from boredom to snoring. And nope, I didn't make the last two up. Great combination of fact and humor!

Oh, alright then. Only 20 more pages or so to go. Fair enough.
I did (almost) finish The Secret Life Of A Slummy Mummy (Fiona Neill) which is a fun piece of chick lit though it (obviously) dragged in places. Or maybe I should blame the small print? It's one of those freebie books that came with a magazine, so they saved on pages and I saw the "normal" book is far longer. Anyway, an ok story about a Mom tangled up in her misadventures and ... well, that is basically it. I really enjoyed the witty and often comical narrative though.

And apropos page count. Have you noticed my Tea & Books Reading Challenge page above? If you've got some heavy tomes of over 700 pages (I know, I know, this is scary) on your TBR piles you might want to sign up for the challenge. The lowest level starts with only two books after all! And in case you're not into fat books, how about trying out some Dean Koontz? I created a challenge for this author too.

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