November 13, 2011

Books Aplenty - Oh to read ...

It's funny how much the quality of books can differ with self published books. Some are just awful and then there are those that are really amazing. Ten years ago everyone would frown upon self published books, but this has certainly changed over the years. Traditional publishers

watch out!

Admittedly Laying The Odds (J.R. Tomlin) wasn't one of the better novels. What might have turned into an epic fantasy adventure, filled with magick and runes, suffered from the relative shortness of the book that didn't allow much character development, not to mention the actual story being terrible rushed and lacking depth up to the very sudden ending. Add that the book could use some serious editing.

Now Peace, Love, And Murder (Nancy Holzner) on the other hand was right up my alley. I
t all starts with the trunk of a cab that houses a dead body, much to the dismay of the cab driver. A murder mystery filled with wonderful witty dialogues and the perfect chemistry between characters. A fast paced read that kept me guessing right til the end. Loved it!

A bit of a strenuous read was Counting From Zero (Alan B. Johnston) a technological thriller filled with cyber attacks and a whole lot of knowledge on computers. Admittedly it just wasn't for me, especially because all that tech talk dragged and if it hadn't been for my optimism that it might pick up speed I probably wouldn't have finished the book at all. Good thing it was rather short.

I didn't even look at the blurb before I started reading Changers Summer (Mike Lewis) and was pleasantly surprised to find myself immersed in a science fiction novel for kids. Add a bit of time travel and scientists who are(n't) trying to make up for what they did wrong to the environment many years ago. A great adventure story!

While I didn't realize it when I requested the book it turned out that The Boy & Little Witch (Ben White) was indeed for the little ones. Not to say it's a picture book for toddlers, but it's not a book small kids would read themselves, instead being a wonderful book to be read to them. With elaborate descriptions it's a great tale about the importance of friendship.

Alright then, these were the books I could scratch off my TBR list, but I added some new ones. Besides a decent IMM loot (post to follow) I also managed to finish all my NetGalley books recently, thus requested some new ones. Apart from being a bit miffed that I was approved for a brand new book only to find out that it had already been archived when I wanted to download it - first it took them two weeks to approve my request and then the book's no longer available, seriously!? - I was able to add two galleys for review: Afterword (Dale Salwak) and What Language Is (John McWhorter).

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