November 18, 2011

The Others - The End

I can't even begin to tell you how tired I've grown of Friday's feature. I can see that a lot of you nod in agreement. After presenting 44 authors I'm calling it quits. Finally. The good news is that there will be an all new feature starting next week.
The title?
Book 101

Hope you're all as excited as yours truly about the new feature which will be filled with bookish knowledge, from genres to language straight to history.

But before I leave, here a rundown of all the featured authors:
  1. Doris Egan 
  2. Rick Castle 
  3. Enid Blyton 
  4. Wil Wheaton 
  5. The Brothers Grimm 
  6. Sophie Kinsella 
  7. Andreas Eschbach 
  8. Bradley Trevor Greive 
  9. Erma Bombeck 
  10. Larry Donner 
  11. Rachel Gibson 
  12. Thomas Kinkade 
  13. Terry Pratchett 
  14. Agatha Christie 
  15. Gary Larson 
  16. Charles Dickens 
  17. Dean Koontz 
  18. Trixie Koontz 
  19. Erich K√§stner 
  20. Tess Gerritsen 
  21. Anonymous 
  22. Jane Austen 
  23. Edgar Allan Poe 
  24. Stephen King 
  25. Jessica Fletcher 
  26. Charlaine Harris 
  27. Wilhelm Busch 
  28. Dave Barry 
  29. Chris Manby 
  30. William Blake 
  31. J.R.R. Tolkien 
  32. Jennifer Crusie 
  33. Stefan Zweig 
  34. Snoopy 
  35. Authors of the Bible 
  36. The Ghostwriter 
  37. Alexandra Potter 
  38. William Shakespeare 
  39. Henry David Thoreau 
  40. Jill Mansell 
  41. Authors in (not of) literature 
  42. J.K. Rowling 
  43. Johannes Mario Simmel 
  44. Authors in Antiquity

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