November 5, 2011

Pajama Musings - Rejected blog post ideas

Alright, maybe I'm in sort of a blogging slump, but somehow I just couldn't come up with any good ideas for today's feature. Actually that's not quite true. I had a few ideas.

1. The epic story of flannel and plaid
After all this feature is called Pajama Musings, which evidently involves pajamas. In flannel. And. Or. Plaid. Let's be honest, its the perfect outfit for the reader who likes to snuggle up in bed.

2. The potty-trained reader
Don't look at me like that! There is nothing worse than making yourself comfortable to read a good book and ten minutes later you need to pee. Especially if you've just found the perfect reading position in your bed.

3. The importance of a good alibi
Come on, strangling someone who abuses a book - Hello Mr/Ms Spinebreaker! - should be legal!

4. The constant stalker
It is ok to stalk your postman, right? He brings you the good stuff aka books, after all.

5. A foolproof system
There is a perfect system to make choosing the next book from your TBR a lot easier. No more headaches over picking the one that's right for you. The only problem would be ... I haven't found that system yet.

6. The idle hand
Ideas on how to occupy your free hand while you're holding an eReader in the other.

7. Of banana peels and bookmarks
Hell, I just make this list up as I go ... though I think there really is a connection! Does that make me weird? That was a rhetorical question.

8. Lessons in patience
Trying to let the ideas find you instead of you finding them. Doesn't work though. If I had the patience I might research it, but alas I don't.

9. The ugly truth about book bloggers
The truth is always ugly. Unless it isn't. Let me think. What do they say about us anyway?

10. Rejected blog post ideas
Technically this shouldn't be on this list as I used it for this blog post. Then again, who cares?

On second thought ... some of those ideas might actually make brilliant blog posts! Maybe.


  1. All this time I imagined your pajama musings took place in a nice satin number. :) HAHAHA!!!!

  2. Those are reserved for special occasions *wink* but seriously, when it comes to being comfy and wearing pajamas I'm like Al Borland ... you know, the guy from "Home Improvement" who made plaid flannels sexy, hahaha!