November 19, 2011

Pajama Musings - Say what!?

Inspired by a recent blog post of Rikki from Rikki's Teleidoscope, I thought why not risk a look at search terms that lead people to my blog. Let's just say I had several WTF!? moments when I saw some of the strange searches that have been conducted ...

magic castle
Now that one is actually cute. No idea though what it's got to do with my blog. No, wait, that's a lie! I once posted a photo of a castle in my Picture Garden feature !

This is pretty obvious, I guess! Then again, you get a gazillion pages if you search for the word "book" and it makes me wonder what kind of disturbed mind would actually browse and look at a gazillion websites and/or blogs before finally, three months later, ending up on mine.

funny pics regarding risk
No kidding! What risk? And why funny?

antique typewriter
Grandma, is that you?

anton yelchin recent hair loss
I'm really at a loss (haha) about this one! Could it get any weirder?

the effects of decomposition, concerns of premature burial
In answer to the last, not quite rhetorical, question ... YES!

in mainly three
What? In mainly three ... what? Hours? States? What!? Don't you think this one additional word might have narrowed down the search results?

garden makeover blogs
Maybe I should rename my blog? Nah ...

your books are facing eviction
No shit!

captivating read for developmental writers
Alright, I had to look up developmental writing (thank you wiki) to get this one and I really do hope that the one who searched for some book recommendations got lucky on my humble blog.

Well well ... people are strange! Their search terms even stranger!

Are you a blogger too? Why don't you share your own stats on search terms with your readers? And me, for that matter! I'll never pass on the chance of having a good laugh!!


  1. Yes, the "book" one baffles me, too. The premature burial would really make me think. How odd!!!! Have you blogged about E.A. Poe before maybe?

  2. Yes, I posted about Poe before, but still. Makes me wonder, does my blog pop up in the results so early one? I guess I have to check ... oh my ... I'm number 5, hahahaaa!! This is crazy!

  3. Hilarious, I took a look at mine but they are mainly all about the books except for one weird combination of "woman cause car accident funny" and just this week "nude elf girls" LOL

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd OUt