December 31, 2011

2011 Reading Challenge October - December

Here's a run down of how far I got with my 2011 Reading Challenge from July through September:

Total Books Read: 46 (+116)

Fiction: 32 (+84)
Non-fiction: 14 (+32)

Physical Books: 15 (+53)
eBooks: 31 (+63)

Female Authors: 21 (+59)
Male Authors: 25 (+47)

For Review: 12 (+43)

Numbers in brackets are stats for January through September!

117. Carnival Of Fear (JG Faherty)
118. The Monster Inside (JG Faherty)
119. These Hellish Happenings (Jennifer Rainey)
120. Ice Age (Iain Rowan)
121. Future Destinies (Chris Turner)
122. Sweet Invention (Michael Krondl)
123. Social Q's (Philip Galanes)
124. Dark Inside (Jeyn Roberts)
125. The Realms Thereunder (Ross Lawhead)
126. Everything I Never Wanted To Be (Dina Kucera)
127. My Heart Stopped Beating (Chamed)
128. Secrets Of Transformation (Eva Dillner)
129. The Maze Runner (James Dashner)
130. The Iron King (Julie Kagawa)
131. Evil Genius (Patricia Rice)
132. The Curse Of Anna Greene (Mary Aris)
133. PeaceMaker (Dan Ronco)
134. Unholy Domain (Dan Ronco)

135. Borrowed Saints (Aaron Polson)
136. That's Disgusting (Rachel Herz)
137. Write-A-Thon (Rochelle Melander)
138. No Alibi (Jenny Hilborne)
139. Laying The Odds (J.R. Tomlin)
140. Peace, Love, And Murder (Nancy Holzner)
141. Counting From Zero (Alan B. Johnston)
142. Changers Summer (Mike Lewis)
143. The Boy & Little Witch (Ben White)
144. AfterWord (Dale Salwak)
145. What Language Is (John McWorther)
146. The Way We Fall (Megan Crewe)
147. The Language Of Flowers: A Miscellany (Mandy Kirkby)
148. Death: A Survival Guide (Sarah Brewer)

149. The Secret Life Of A Slummy Mummy (Fiona Neill)
150. Am I Really Hungry? (Jane Bernard)
151. The Omnivore's Dilemma (Michael Pollan)
152. The Edinburgh Dead (Brian Ruckley)
153. The Burning Sky (Joseph Robert Lewis)
154. The Broken Sword (Joseph Robert Lewis)
155. Get Lenin (Robert Craven)
156. Doris Day: Her Own Story (A.E. Hotchner)
157. Invitation To Ruin (Bronwen Evans)
158. The Great Betrayal (Millenia Black)
159. Evilution (Shaun Jeffrey)
160. Killers (Shaun Jeffrey)
161. Death's Hand (SM Reine)
162. Solstice (P.J. Hoover)

And now *drumroll* the grand total of books read in 2011!

Total Books Read: 162

Fiction: 116
Non-fiction: 46

Physical Books: 68
eBooks: 94

Female Authors: 80
Male Authors: 82

For Review: 55


  1. Congratulations! You blew it out of the water.

    I signed up as a follower, by the way.