December 28, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - Books Set In

Have you ever wanted to read books set in a certain country or city to get into the mood for your next vacation there? Did you end up looking for such books for hours, browsing the internet, maybe asking dome friends? Were the books you did find to your liking, or even worse, didn't you really find any books at all? If so, you're certainly not alone, because when ever I tried to find a book set in eg Orlando (one of my fav destinations) I wouldn't have known how on earth to find any novels set in the city. And travel guides obviously do not count. Equally I've always admired folks who are planning reading groups focusing on books set in a particular region. Just thinking about one such reading challenge in particular *waves hello to Ally and her love for venice* makes me marvel at how people find great reads for it. Anyway, in case you're in need of a book set in Edinburgh or Kazakhstan or Mars, look no longer ... I present to you the website you've all been waiting for (in fact I've been waiting for such a site myself for ages but only ever found out about it recently) - Books Set In.

Here you can look up tons of books by location. Just pick the continent, then the country and finally the city, and voila, you get a nice amount of books set right there. And yes, you can even fly to Outer Space here!

So, what about Edinburgh, Kazakhstan and Mars then?
You may look up lists of books for all three and lo and behold, I even found a book that features all three places. I present to you The Stone Canal (Ken MacLeod). Now you're impressed, right? So am I.

But seriously, this is such an amazing site! You can just the same look for a certain author and where his/her novels are set. Or how about by genre? If you're not big on lists, maybe you want to try out Google Map Search to find books instead. And in case you miss a particular book that you know well yourself, feel free to add it to the list.

That said, head on over and have fun exploring, and consequently, reading!


  1. How do you always find those great sites? I am not so eager to read books just because they are set in a certain location (exception: Ally's February challenge), but it is definitely an awesome site to browse and find inspiration. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Greetings from virtual Venice :)
    What a fantastic site! And so helpful, both for my Venice challenge - it was so time consuming to discover all those books - and my European challenge, which hopefully, I won't get obsessed by :)

  3. I guess it's a special talent of mine to find these sites ;-) !

  4. How much easier this will be than searching B&N's site. Or the web. :) Thank you for letting us know about this site.