December 7, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - Terribleminds

Don't I love great websites for writers! I really, really do! Of course the quality differs as much as the way information is presented. Some sites might be a little bit on the dry side while others are booze-soaked, profanity-laden shotgun blasts of dubious writing advice. And wouldn't you know it - the latter is so much better!

Terribleminds is Chuck Wendig's blog and author site. Who is Chuck Wendig you may wonder? He is a novelist, screenwriter, and a freelance penmonkey. Apart from writing fiction he's also got a metric boatload (his words, not mine) of writing-related eBooks available. Living in the wilds of Pennsyltucky with wife, dog, and newborn progeny, his website is "my fenced-in yard, my prison cell, my meadow in which I pirouette and sing selections from The Sound Of Music". Or so he claims.

This site is unmercifully profane. Chuck says so himself. And he ain't lying. So, before you excitedly head on over to his website, you should heed his warning: "It is not for children. Frankly, it’s probably not even for adults. If it’s for anybody, it’s for berserker Vikings, the dangerously insane, and … I dunno, grizzly bears or something. Or maybe dangerously insane berserker Viking grizzlies. Either way, you are warned."

If you haven't got any problems with that, especially in case you really are a Viking, or grizzly bear, then feel free to check out the site filled with rants, ramblings, babblings, and of course, writing advice! Then there are some more ramblings and rants, and a few reviews and pop culture commentaries thrown in for good measure.

The first article that lead me hear had been shared on G+ I think and it's titled 25 Things You Should Know About Your Completed Novel. The result was that I've been browsing around the site for the rest of afternoon because this site is *throw in some profanity* genius. I swear, you'll get (almost) all the writing advice you'll ever need here. No kidding.

Want some recommendations for reading? In case you don't have all afternoon for browsing, that is? Alright. Here goes: The NoNoWriMo Epilogue, 25 Reasons Readers Will Quit Reading Your Story, Writers Are The 99%. That, of course, is naming just a few, as all the articles labelled Writing are awesome - honest, direct, and spot on. And a wee bit profane, but I think I mentioned that before.

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