December 11, 2011

Books Aplenty - It was a dark and stormy ...

... day, actually. No, really, it was. The weather is everything but what you'd expect in December. It's been very dry all through November, some days pretty cold though. Now that December has come around things haven't changed that much either. In fact it got milder and even quite stormy too. Still, perfect weather to snuggle up with a cozy blanket and read a book or two. Then again, for me, any weather is perfect weather to read, ha.

It may come as quite a surprise to some of you, but this week I've read my first steampunk novels, though as it turned out there was more historical fantasy than actual steampunk to be found. I've already read other books by the author so I knew I'd love the narrative and the storytelling as such (and I was right about that), but it was certainly a new reading experience for me. The Burning Sky and The Broken Sword (Joseph Robert Lewis) are the first two parts of a trilogy that can be best described as adventures with conspiracies and magical relics and lots of action. And let's not forget the great world building of this alternate Earth with quite a different history yet lots of unexpected similarities too. Admittedly I liked the first part better than the second one which had a heavier emphasis on magic and somehow I simply preferred the suspenseful theme of the first book. Either way, both are great reads!

And while I was at it I figured how about yet another alternate history, this time dipping into a different kind of what-if in the midst of WWII. Get Lenin (Robert Craven) sounded quite intriguing - snatching Lenin's body to demoralize and defeat the Soviet Union - yet the book just didn't work for me which I mostly blame on the narrative that felt awfully dry to me. Lucked out on that one, but tastes are different after all!

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