December 4, 2011

Books Aplenty - Time to have a cookie

Now that it's getting dark so early and temps aren't exactly inviting you to take a leisurely stroll in the evening, it is definitely a time to get out some cookies and nibble away on a good book. Vice versa, of course.

Not as though I felt the need to go on a diet - though praise be to stretchy materials *cough* - I decided to read a book I've won some time ago. Obviously the question is Am I Really Hungry? (Jane Bernard) and it claims to be the last diet book you'll ever have to buy. Hmmm ... anyway ... what I liked here was the approach of intuitive eating and actually listening to your body and, last but not least, using common sense when deciding what to feed yourself. I can well imagine this concept to work a whole lot better than all those fancy Hollywood-style kind of diet "secrets".

So what shall we eat then? That's The Omnivore's Dilemma (Michael Pollan) as much as it is mine, the broccoli lover, on some days. What do you see when you enter a supermarket? All kinds of foods, some quite recognizable (like an apple) others not so obvious (like a Twinkie). I mean, what is really inside? Where does it have its origin? Corn, I say. This might sound cryptic, but I promise when you read this book it will all become perfectly clear. If you're interested in the food chains that sustain us, this is the book for you! Very eye-opening!

Zombies have quite an appetite too, wouldn't you agree? The Edinburgh Dead (Brian Ruckley) sent me straight back to my wonderful vacation in Scotland. Let's call it a historical mystery with a "dead" twist. I loved the premise and the atmosphere of the book that sucked me right into 19th century Edinburgh, but overall it's been a slow read for me. Good? Yes, but not as great as I'd hoped it would be.

And I present to you two NetGalley additions this week - All The Money In The World (Laura Vanderkam) and Death By Petticoat (Mary Miley Theobald). I can't believe that I'm not supposed to review the latter up to a month before publication. This is torture and makes me want to read the book even more! Oh, by the way, publication date is in June 2012, boohoo!

Wee lil' IMM post up next!

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  1. Ah, The Edinburgh Dead. I sruggled with it as well. Slow read, and they sell it like a proper paranormal, but it's as you said "historical mystery with a dead twist".