December 20, 2011

Closed for Refurbishments

Oh, alright, my blog isn't totally and completely closed for some gigantic make-over, but this week is obviously a wee bit different than the schedule you're all used to. As to the title of this post, yes, things will change a bit starting next week.

First of all, a lot will stay the same. You'll be able to sneak a peak into my adventures in writing in A Writer's Life on Mondays. Just the same I'll be sharing great quotes and sayings in Tuesday's Quote Garden. Wednesday, as always, will take you Beyond the Shelf, and Saturdays continue to be the day of wearing pajamas while sharing random thoughts about everything even remotely bookish in Pajama Musings.

So what happened to the rest of the days? You might have already noticed that I already started a whole new Friday feature this month, replacing The Others with Book 101. So this change has already taken place.

The remaining two days, Thursday and Sunday, might be surprising days for any kind of change, but let me explain.

Picture Garden has always been one of my fav days and also very popular among my readers, so it will certainly not be replaced. Yet I am raising the stakes and instead of presenting you various snapshots made with my trusty lil' digital camera I want to take a more artistic approach with my wonderful new Nikon. In the end photos might still have that snapshot feel to them, but I will probably have needed hours of accomplishing that instead or mere minutes with my old camera *wink*.

What remains is Sunday. The day of Books Aplenty where I shared with you the books I read and the books I received. Sometime in spring I already moved all physical books I received during the week to In My Mailbox posts, only mentioning the eBooks along with the books I read. From now on I will put all books received, physical and digital, into my In My Mailbox post and adapting to this change I've renamed Books Aplenty to The Reading Files which makes a whole lot more sense. This feature will be presented in a whole new format, including the covers of books along with the blurb and, most importantly, I'll share what I thought about them. All in all I plan to keep it short and crisp.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything important that might look totally different compared to before, but in case I did, fear not, this is still the same blog. I just dressed it in this lovely new cardigan to spice things up a bit.


  1. The new picture garden sounds interesting. I am interested to see what you will do with your Nikon.
    My IMM posts always include paper and digital. I don't see the point in separating the two, so I am glad that you came aorund to the same opinion. :)

  2. You know, in the beginning I never included any eBooks in my IMM posts because I took the MAILBOX quite literally - only what the mailman brings will be posted. I also shared photos of my loot which is a bit hard with eBooks ;-) but from now on I will at least upload their covers.