December 23, 2011

Giving away in 2012

As you all know I not only love to enter giveaways, I also frequently participate in various giveaway hops, plus I like to spoil my followers with giveaways specifically for them too. Contemplating giveaways for 2012 I made some decisions.

I will participate in one giveaway hop each month. This year I sometimes had two hops a month, and frankly, this is just too much. I do allow myself a certain budget for my blog, but still.

I will continue giving away books through TBD or Amazon GCs, as well as bookish stuff from CafePress. The latter was initially just a different idea I had and as so many of you were excited about winning book totes and the likes, I figured why change this. So, I won't.

There will be a whole new monthly giveaway feature for my readers - let me introduce you to the "2 by 2 Giveaway"! Sounds intriguing? It sure is. Once a month, for only 2 days, one of you will have the chance to win their choice of one of 2 featured books. 2 by 2, you get the idea. There will be no warning when this giveaway will go up, but once it does you only have 48 hours to enter. The books from which you may choose always have a certain theme, this might be everything from the genre to the color of the cover. My book choices will (for the most part) not be mainstream, thus perfect for the eclectic readers among you!

Finding new homes for old books! I can't possibly keep each and every book I read so why not share them with my readers through occasional pre-loved book giveaways on my blog? The thing is - and you all know how I always try to keep my giveaways international - that this will be a rare case of Europe only, because postage is simply too high to ship overseas. I estimate there will probably only be about 30% of readers who may enter these giveaways, but hey, that raises your chances to win the box, right! Box? Oh yes, I'm thinking big here, big as in a box with up to ten books. 'nuff said.

And apropos of giveaways! Most of my Blogoversary giveaways are still open, and don't forget to enter the Mid-Winters Eve Giveaway Hop either!


  1. You had me at "box of books" :))) Merry Christmas!

  2. Ah... did i read well...something just for europe? oh yes thanks you a lot ^^ ( and thanks you for everything you do for us)

    all the best and Happy holidays

  3. Ah, we are in for a good time. I like that box of books and Europe thingy! :)

  4. I am ok that the pre-loved books is only open to Europe. My own TBR stacks are getting out of control, many thanks to Barnes & Noble sending me coupons practically daily.

  5. Europe only? I already love you! lol Merry Christmas! :D

  6. Yay! Finally something Europe only!