December 19, 2011

Twelve very random thoughts on my first year of blogging

On the top of the mountain
Boy, did I read this year! I've always been reading a lot, but somehow the amount of books that I've ploughed through must have tripled. Equally my TBR pile which, as a friend just recently reminded me, has at the same time grown from a measly molehill to a whole mountain range. It's a miracle that my downstairs neighbor hasn't complained about a sagging ceiling. Yet.

When your mailman shows you photos of his four year old grandson, you know that you've got a slight online-book-ordering problem
On the upside, my wonderful mailman never complains about having to drag my book loot up to my door. In fact, a little while ago he teased me about whether I've already read all the books he brought the day before. I swear, I'd never have guessed he was old enough to even have a grandchild, so maybe walking up and down all those stairs is keeping him young. See, in the end I'm doing him a favor with ordering so many books!

Resistance is futile
Taking stock of my principles I kicked one to the curb and did the unspeakable. I bought myself an eReader earlier this year. In my defense, I only did so out of fear of going blind reading all those eGalleys on the computer. Of course I only wanted that gadget for review purposes, but that's not exactly how the story ended. Free eBook downloads are my downfall. Seriously.

The book that came before blogging
I'm obviously not as addicted to Facebook as I thought I would be. In the past year I spent most of my online time in the Blogosphere. If it weren't for occasional status updates on Facebook condolence cards would probably be rolling in.

Entering book giveaways has developed to one of my favorite pastimes. Who could blame me? Free stuff, people! Books at that. Could it get much better? I don't think so.

The kids have grown up so fast
I would have never thought I'd read and enjoy YA books. A year ago I merely considered them "books for kids" *ducks and runs* How wrong was I! It's never a matter of age, it's a matter of great story telling!

Zombies are cool
Their eating habits are a bit disturbing though. My literary attraction might have its roots in my subconscious trying to compensate the fact that I'm a vegetarian. Then again, maybe I'm just weird like that.

Safety net
When the computer or the internet strikes I feel the urge to throw open the window and scream at the top of my lungs. Fortunately I have two computers, ha. In case both should die on me at the same time it better have to do with a zombie invasion. That would at least distract me a bit.

The heart of Europe
I've made so many wonderful friends in the blogosphere in the last year, and oddly enough most of them are living here in Europe too. Me thinks there should be a European Book Bloggers Meet-Up one day. To shorten the journey for everyone wouldn't it make sense to meet in my wonderful home country Austria? After all, it isn't called the heart of Europe for nothing!

In the corner
I rarely watch TV anymore as I'd rather stick my nose in a book. Ultimately this means I replaced one habit with another. A better one at that.

Ms Castle
On special occasion I do watch TV though. Some days I wonder what would happen if I sauntered into the local police station introducing myself as an author who needs to do some research. I'd end up being the laugh of the town, but still, the idea warms my heart!

Shine on me
Authors are awesome. I am too. An author. And awesome. Then again, I knew that already. I'm referring to the first comment. And the other one too. *wink*


  1. You are from Europe!! Look what i learned today!! Ha! And i don't mind Austria! I'm totally coming if i manage to save money :p

    You paragraph at the mailman made me stop reading from laughing XD

  2. What a cool post, Birgit! I pretty much went through a similar process since I started blogging this year. :) Also I'm totally up for blogger meet up in Austria. I don't want to die without sampling Viennese cakes and coffee ;)

  3. Congrats on a year! And for keeping the mailman in shape. :-)

  4. Hey, I never watch TV thses days, only the odd DVD. Colleagues talk about commercials or some casting show and when I have no clue they go, "Ah, yes, you don't watch TV" as if I was an oddity.
    Book blogger meet up, yes. Austria, yes. Vienna, perfect. Could be a spring or summer weekend. I'm in! We should talk about this...:)

  5. YAY to meeting some of my wonderful blogger friends! I knew I could lure you in with Viennese coffee and cakes, hahaha!

  6. Great post! Say hi to your mailman for me. He sounds nice.