January 27, 2012

Book 101 - The Library

I've complained more than once about not having any decent library in my vicinity. Maybe I should simply move! To Washington DC or China, maybe St Petersburg or Ottawa. Why? Read on.

These are the ten largest libraries worldwide. Places you can literally get lost in, not just because you can get lost in all those wonderful books, but due to the fact that those places are huge.

Library of Congress
This library is known as one the biggest library in US, situated in Washington DC. It was founded in 1800. and stocks over 30 million books.

National Library of China
Situated in Beijing, the National Library of China was founded in 1909. This library stocks over 22 million books.

Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Located in the heart of St Petersburg this library stocks over 20 million books. It was founded in 1714.

National Library of Canada
This library is located in Ottawa, was built in 1953 and stocks over 18.8 million books.

German National Library
This library is located in Frankfurt. It was founded in 1990 and stocks over 18.5 million books.

The British Library
One of the oldest buildings in London, this library was built in 1753 and stocks over 16 million books.

Institute for Scientific Information Russian Academy of Sciences
The library was built in 1969 and it is situated in Moscow. It stocks over 13.5 million books.

Harvard University Library
Situated in Cambridge, founded in 1638, this library stocks over 13.1 million books.

Vernadsky National Scientific Library of Ukraine
Founded in 1919, this library is located in Kiev. It stocks over 13 million books.

The New York Public Library
This library is situated in New York City and it was built in 1895. It socks over 11 million books.

Now that would be some libraries I'd sure like to roam. I've visited the British Library on my last trip to London, and it was so worth it. As I was on vacation I didn't go there to get my hands on any reading material, but I headed straight for their exhibitions. So next time you go to London, this library is definitely a must-see!

Before I go, one for the road ... not, not booze, what are you thinking? Some library fun facts!

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