January 1, 2012

Dean Koontz Reading Challenge

A warm welcome to everyone who's signed up for the Dean Koontz Reading Challenge! As is evident from the sign-up there are a whole lot of you who want to deliver Odd Thomas' mail, a selected few are moving in as next door neighbors, and one confessed to be a stalker, oh my!

Here's the list of participants so far (and yes, you may still sign up if you want to):
Birgit / The Book Garden / Odd Thomas' Neighbor
Suey / It's All About Books / Odd Thomas' Mailman
Erin / Paperback Stash / Odd Thomas' Neighbor
Gina / Book Dragon's Lair / Odd Thomas' Mailman
Jeff / Dean Koontz Info / Odd Thomas' Stalker
Melissa / Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf / Odd Thomas' Mailman
Emily / A Few Good Books / Odd Thomas' Mailman
Rachel / Rachel Loves To Read / Odd Thomas' Mailman
Cassandra / Wickedly Delicious Tales / Odd Thomas' Mailman

So, we have a whole year ahead of us and depending on the level you picked you'll need to make your choice on which of his books you want to read and then, obviously, start reading.

As a little reminder - Odd Thomas' Mailmen get to read 3 books, Odd Thomas' Neighbors 6 books, no one went for Odd Thomas' Best Friend which would be 9 books, and finally, Odd Thomas' Stalker with at least 12 books.

My books for this challenge are:
Cold Fire
Face of Fear
The Mask
The Vision
77 Shadow Street

So, basically I'm going to do a lot of re-reading of older books which I read way back when I was still a teenager. I read them in German translation back then, and now I'll be reading them all in English. My sixth book of choice is Dean's latest novel which isn't yet in my possession. I'm going to wait for the paperback which will conveniently come out around the time my book buying ban ends.

How about you? Have you already decided on which books to read? Let me know!

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