January 7, 2012

Pajama Musings - Books have many uses

Books aren't just for reading. Obviously this is the reason of their existence, but still they can provide you with more than just food for thought.

Let's stick to something more, well, traditional ... a bookcase made from books!

Copyright by Jim Rosenau

Or how about a place to sit when reading a good book? Not as though it looks all that comfy ...

And when the sun has set and that book is just too gripping to be put away, why not turn out the light with this wonderful lamp? I seriously want that thing!

And, finally, there's this one? More than worthy of being presented in The Book Garden!

Copyright by Gartenkultur


  1. I really really want that lamp! Not so sure about the chair :)

  2. I absolutely love that lamp myself! BTW when you click on the copyright link you get instructions on how to build your own!

    The chair? I agree, doesn't look comfy, though it's perfect as display in a bookshop.

  3. SOme brilliant book uses there! :)

    Happy New Year!