January 28, 2012

Pajama Musings - Helping a Blogger Friend

Imagine you lost all your books. You come home one day and all that's left of your book stacks is a pile of ashes. Now imagine you came home and it's not just your books, but everything you own that's reduced to ashes. A horrible thought, right?

Yara from Once Upon a Twilight is in this situation right now after her house was destroyed in a devastating house fire a week ago. I know a lot of you have probably already heard about this. To others it will be shocking news. The only good news is that thankfully neither she nor her family have been hurt, but the loss of their house and belongings is nonetheless tragic.

Twilight Mom initiated a fund into which you can donate via PayPal. If you want to help out, even just a few Dollars, this will be more than appreciated!

Lani Woodland from Lala Land is also helping out and has organized a giveaway for those who donated to Yara's fund!

Mundie Mom's are organizing a Book Drive to help replace the books for Yara, her two small sons, and husband!

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  1. That's just awful, my heart and prayers go out to the family...I hope your doing well Birgit, have a nice day! hugs Jennifer