January 21, 2012

Pajama Musings - Let the nightmares begin!

Let's make it official. I had my first book-buying-ban related nightmare early this week. There I was, sauntering through a flea market, books stacked high in my arms, and suddenly I realized that I'm not allowed to bring home this wonderful tantalizing haul. Frankly, I didn't expect any nightmares, or at least not so soon. After all I might have been splurging on books before the ban too, but not all that regularly. So while I've often went weeks without buying any books, at least I knew that if my basket was full enough for my taste I could click the BUY button any time. Now though I only have a wishlist I dare not look at, and three books from favorite authors which fortunately will only be out very close to the end of my ban. July 1st how I long for thee to arrive! Only 23 more weeks to go. And maybe this one dream was all of the side effects I'm going to experience from not buying any books *cough* yeah, right!

Anyone else crazy enough to go on a long book buying ban like I do? A full six month, that is. Anyone out there who already went through such a long ban and survived to tell the tale? Anyone ending up in the insane asylum, currently on leave, and willing to share their book-nutty thoughts? Feel free to comment away.


  1. You went to a flea market? WRONG move! :) Oh, and don't enter any site offering books on sale... it will practically kill you :) I will do a book ban starting with September till the end of the year, I am thinking about making it a habit, well, one I could leave without, but I do need time to read what I buy :)

    1. Hahaha ... I dreamt about being on a flea market! I'm not crazy enough to actually go to one. Equally I don't check out books on AwesomeBooks, because that would be torture!

  2. Yep, I decided on a buying ban for the first half of the year. Actually it's been helpful in me being more choosy about the books I read that are on my shelves instead of voraciously reading and then moving on to the next book. I'm enjoying my books, savoring them. Makes me appreciate what I have rather than what I don't have. Although I am adding quite a few to my wishlist.

  3. No bans here, but I can relate to the dream. Occasionally I have dreams that I'm on these wonderful shopping trips- all the clothes are what I would wear (and they fit), there are things for the home, books, all sorts of things. My arms are full and I never have to worry about the balance in the checkbook. Life is WONDERFUL! And then I wake up.