January 30, 2012

A Writer's Life - Are you Right for Writing?

So you like to write. That's great!
(after all you should love what you do)

So you have wonderful dreams of what life as a writer must be like. Fantastic!
(imagination is everything)

But, and there is always a but, is writing right for you?
(just because you think it's for you doesn't mean it really is ... just think about your love for sushi - you'll scoff a whole plate of delicious dead fish and spend the next hours, uhm, rotating on the toilet; granted that might not happen while writing, at least not literally)

I came across this fun and spot on quiz on Holly Lisle's author page. Let's just say there are quizzes and there are QUIZZES ... this one being the latter! All you have to do is honestly answer ten questions and then you get a pretty good idea whether you're cut out for being a writer. Or not. Needless to say I don't really need to take that quiz, I already know I'm both creative and wacky enough to justify owning a mug with the word WRITER on it. I also own a matching shirt, but I digress. Obviously this didn't keep me from the fun of answering those questions and unsurprisingly I've got what it takes ... including a mug and a shirt.

Still not sure whether you want to check out the quiz yourself?
Here's a teaser ...

When you see yourself as a successful writer, what is the image that is clearest in your mind:
A. The rounds of publishers’ parties, autographings, and talk shows where you are lionized for your work of immortal literary genius?
B. Your name on the spines of a shelf full of beautiful books?
C. A vision of sending off a completed manuscript to a waiting editor or agent?
D. Your butt in your chair, your fingers on your keyboard, and your eyes on your monitor (or whatever tools you use to produce your stories or novels.)

You read:
A. The occasional newspaper, magazines, and remember having read books . . . but not recently;
B. You read in your free time if you don’t have something better to do;
C. You invented the term multi-tasking because reading IS your “something better to do — you usually have a book in hand no matter what else you’re doing at the time;
D. Your house doesn’t need insulation; the triple-stacked shelves of all your books will serve quite nicely, thank you.

Curious? Just head on over and don't forget to come back here letting me know how you fare!


  1. That quiz is hilarious. I didn't keep track of my score (I knew once I had my third D answer that, yeah, I got this thing), but there's so much truth in some of those answers that it really made my day, and it's definitely going to encourage me through trying to make my day off today productive. Thanks for sharing! I love it.

  2. This looks fun - I'm off to check it out! In the meantime, just wanted to say your post on tea and books inspired me to write one of my own: