January 9, 2012

A Writer's Life - Everything's gonna be alright

I hope my lovely red-pen wielding editor in charge is reading this. What am I saying? I'm going to send her the link straight away and give her something to worry about at the start of yet another dreary work week. Fear not, my dear Amy, everything's gonna be alright!

In fact that's, appropriately enough, the title of one of the short stories I just finished. For the curious and unaware of my current writerly (does that word even exist?) mission - I am in the middle of intricately plotting my first short story collection. And, indeed, the first story I put onto paper has been adorned with this catchy Bob Marley song title.

As much time I usually invest in finding names for characters, titles come to me naturally. When ideas approach me, they are already equipped with a sign that spells out their name. This is pretty helpful especially seeing how some writers never seem to get a hang of finding the perfect title for their work. Working title? Nah. Not for me, anyway. I might refer to them that way, but in almost all cases I stick to the initial title. I would probably kill if someone suggested that I change a title. Hmmm ... I think I can feel yet another sweet little idea approaching, an idea that's begging to be included in this collection!

Anyway, to those of you who missed my post about the projects I plan to tackle this year, this short story collection will be titled down below and in between and nope, I didn't overlook that there might be the need to throw in some capital letters, it's all written in small letters on purpose. Why? I'm quirky, and I seeing how this is my baby I can pretty much do this which ever way I want. That's why!

Now you might wonder, what kind of short stories? So many genres, so many possibilities. Let's just say that liking the Twilight Zone* will help you appreciate my stories. I know poor Amy is already worried over the possibility of having to edit horror stories, but I'm not chopping off body parts by the dozen, I swear. It's all about subtlety. Besides, horror has many faces. My stories will sneak up on you, quite innocently, and when you least expect it ... you won't know what hit you, ha. But what hits you won't be body parts, like I said, but twists and turns and surprises. Seeing how editing itself is sheer horror to me I wouldn't want Amy to fight off blood thirsty zombies. Then again ... I never thought I'd find back to the realms of the horror genre ... ah, ignore me, Amy, I'm just rambling *cough*.

Apropos short stories. Apropos Twilight Zone. Yay or nay?

* The Twilight Zone is an American television anthology series created by Rod Serling. Each episode is a mixture of self-contained drama, psychological thriller, fantasy, science fiction, suspense, or horror, often concluding with a macabre or unexpected twist.


  1. I have rediscovered short stories when I finished college, reading Dorothy Parker. As for horror creeping up on you, I recommend Sarah Dunant's Transgressions. What a great book, and so unlike the (great) historical novels that Dunant has written since then :)

  2. Last night I had bizarre dreams that would have bordered on horror movies. My dreams tend to blend from one to the other, but the one that forced me to wake was someone coming after me with a chainsaw. Sometimes if I take certain colds meds at night I have vivid nightmares. I hadn't taken any meds last night, and wondered why I had these very odd dreams. Now I know... because there, in Austria, you were working on your stories. Actually, this might work out, because when you edit it's hard to get drawn into things, and this will keep me focused on the editing. Send it whenever you want. :)

  3. @Ally: Dorothy is definitely on my wishlist :-) !

    @Amy: I'm sending you nightmares!? With chainsaw murderers!?!? Was he at least good looking? But I digress ... good to know that my stories don't prematurely scare you off. Still, I'm going to "ration" the horror and send out not more than one or two stories at once. Plus, that way the whole editing process will probably be less overwhelming too.

  4. The elves have written that down :)