January 2, 2012

A Writer's Life - The secret language of writers

Words can have many different meanings besides what some consider as the obvious. Yet nothing is obvious in the world of writing. So let me introduce you to some new perspective on those neat little things writers like to play with. Words.

Feedback doesn't mean you're holding the microphone wrong, but can be just as painful.

Dialogue is the manifestation of all the voices jabbering in your head.

A Galley isn't a place to eat on the high seas, but proof you actually sold a book.

A Hook has nothing to do with fishing, and everything to do with sleep deprivation.

A Style Guide is not a measure of how good you look, but how much you don't know.

A Muse is not one word.

Plot isn't where the body is buried, but how they died.

Twist is not an old fashioned dance, but it can still make you dizzy.

Tone has nothing, and everything, to do with your voice.

Pacing isn't a nervous habit.

Script isn't what Aunt Sally gets filled at the pharmacy, but your blood, sweat, and tears.

Narrative gives you nightmares about William Shatner.

Outline is not evidence of what kind of underwear you're wearing.

A Partial might actually help you earn the money to pay your dental bill.

Viewpoint has little to do with what you think, but rather, which head you're in.

Setting has absolutely nothing to do with how many you expect for dinner.

Voice is something you have to discover - no matter how long you've been able to speak.

Blocks are not the foundation of a fifty story building.

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  1. I just love this. As the writer is anonymous, I am going to make a copy to put up in my classroom. Thank you so much for finding and posting!