February 8, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - Austrian and German Book Bloggers

Some of you - more precisely those who speak German - might remember my search for Austrian and German book bloggers who decided to blog in the English language. It wasn't all that hard for me to add a selected few blogs I already followed *waves hello to Rikki and Sabrina* onto that list, yet I felt kinda lonely out there, seemingly the only Austrian book blogger near and far.

Then word started to spread and lo and behold my lists started to grow. I was even able to add a blogger from Switzerland! And I also found two other Austrians who have English book blogs!

I discovered Amberkatze's Book Blog purely by coincidence through GoodReads. And Katharina from Daisy Chain's Chocolate-covered Books was the one to actually find me. While I recommend a visit to all the blogs listed below, those two are especially dear to me, so feel free to stop by and let the girls know that you found about about them here at The Book Garden.

Yep, it's a good feeling not being the only one out there and I still have high hopes of maybe finding more blogs in Austria, as well as Germany and Switzerland!

Maybe there are even some blog readers in these countries who've just started an English book blog - I'll happily add you to my list which will give you exposure that every blogger craves in the humble beginnings.

Here's the list I created so far:
# Austria
+ Switzerland
Once again, if you know of any additional book blogs in either country (emphasis being on the blogs being about books, duh, and in the English language) let me know so I may add them!


  1. Oh you are so nice! :) I just blushed a little when I read it :).

    Lately I found another one from germany but I'm not sure anymore who it was and if she is already in your list. Maybe I find the blog again or still have it somewhere..

  2. Oh this is great! You know, I'm glad these blogs are in English, but I wish I could speak German. My mom's German, but never taught me, bah! I'm definitely going to check out the list!

  3. Thanks for sharing these blogs. I recognize a couple of them but there are others that are new to me, so I am off to discover something new.
    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews