February 15, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - Fiction Factor

Today I have an interesting site for all those writers out there. Fiction Factor - The Online Magazine for Fiction Writers. Every month the site features tips on writing better fiction, articles on improving your writing, tips on fiction writing, learn to write a novel and get stories published, promoting and marketing your fiction and much more! To stay in the loop off the latest articles you can subscribe to the free newsletter, but of course you may also browse the archives for older articles.

Fiction Factor was one of the first websites dedicated solely to the craft of writing fiction at a time when those were still rare in the web. Twelve years have passed and what remains are a whole lot of tips and tricks for writers of all kinds, yet the site itself, as I sadly had to find out while browsing through it, hasn't seen much action in recent years. Yet, despite its derelict state, you may obviously still find bucket loads full of writing tips.
There is also a forum which is still going (relatively) strong. Here you may join discussions, peruse writer's resources, and get creative in the writer's workshop.

Fiction Factor is also the home to 9 sister sites, each focusing on a specific fiction writing niche. Here you'll find descriptions of and links to Romance Factor, Sci-Fi Factor, Horror Factor, Fantasy Factor, Erotica Factor, Short-Fiction Factor, Children's Fiction Factor, Freelance Factor and Christian Fiction Factor.

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