February 11, 2012

Pajama Musings - Read my Tea

So I like to read.
And I like tea.
How come I never thought to combine these two
(other than in my respective reading challenge)?

So I guess I'm going to win the lottery sooner than I thought ... more likely though I'll do the happy dance because spring will finally arrive!

For your own Tea Leaves Reading head on over to Tazo and consult the Tea Leaf Oracle! Feel free to share your result!


  1. Guess what the oracle told me? He sees me riding a camel... twice :)))

  2. Well, first it couldn't see my future. So I tried again, just like we used to do with the magic 8 ball when it said something like that. And then the tea leaves see joy in my future.

  3. he see a JQT in my future and something like a houla hoop