March 4, 2012

In My Mailbox - Stocking up on review copies

Realizing I haven't been doing much in regard to reviews this year (let's call it a slow start) and after being awfully good and doing quite a bit of review reading in the past weeks, I am happy to see some new reading fodder rolling in to compensate for my shrinking TBR (To Be Reviewed) pile!

Aaand last, but so definitely not least, a big thank you to Kat from The Aussie Book Zombie for sending me a RAK. The book she picked for me has been on my wishlist for what seems like forever which makes me doubly happy as I had this notion everyone but me already read it ...

RAK Gift
Divergent (Veronica Roth)
from Kat

For Review
Glow (Amy Kathleen Ryan)

Unfair Trade (Conor Woodman)

The Deepest Sense (Constance Classen)

Rabid (Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy)
from NetGalley

Thanks to The Story Siren for hosting the IMM meme!


  1. Glow is on my TBR list, I absolutely adooooore the cover and premise! *__*

    Great haul, happy reading! ^^

    Here's my IMM. ♥

  2. I hope you enjoy Divergent more than I did. Now I want to go request Rabid but I dont think the review pile can cope!

    1. Look at the bright side, it's only an eGalley which means the pile cannot tumble!

      As to "Divergent" I very much hope I'll like it as I've been drooling over it for such a long time. Then again that was also the case with "Wither" and that one was awful IMHO.

  3. No you are not the only one who didn't read Divergent by now. I wasn't able to read it either :(.

    1. It often feels like everyone read something, but just because a book is the talk of Book Blog Town doesn't mean there isn't anyone who hasn't yet read it. And seeing how I now own a copy of the book I'm at least one step closer to reading it, right?

  4. Glow was really really good. I liked it a lot. I hope you enjoy everything that you got this week. Here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  5. OOO, now I'll be curious as to what you'll think of Divergent! Enjoy all your books, Birgit! :)