March 26, 2012

Old Books in Need of a New Home

With a bit of a delay (initially I planned this post for February) I welcome everyone to the second edition of Old Books in Need of a New Home where I'll be giving away a nice sized box filled with books to one lucky person.

How does it work?
First of all, this isn't a regular giveaway which means the receiving person will be handpicked by me and not as I want to make sure the books find the best home. Now you may wonder what you have to do to convince me you're the best choice for the homeless books. Easy. Just comment and let me know why you want them. In case there are several highly convincing comments I'm going to do the good old drawing of a paper slip from a hat to determine the person who'll receive the box.

What's in the box?
I aim to have a themed box full of books from a certain genre, with certain authors, etc. and by full box I mean up to ten books. That'll also depend on their format/size. Titles and authors will be listed along with the condition the books are in. Most boxes will be filled with English books, though there might be the occasional box with German books only too.

What condition will the books be in?
They are not going to be spanking new. These books have been read by me and can be in any condition ranging from almost new to having been pawed through several times before. I will always state the exact condition the books are in so you can decide whether you want to enter or not. I realize not everyone likes used books, especially when they look the part, but fear not, I will also be giving away books that have been very gently read by me only and those look almost like new from the store.

Who can participate?
You have to be a follower of my blog (any way you want to, I'm not picky - GFC, RSS feed, e-mail, Networked Blogs, Bloglovin', Linky Followers or Goodreads) and you have to live in Europe! I really hate to leave out my international readers, but it's just too darn expensive to send a box full of books overseas.

What's in the box?
Charlaine Harris
(includes: Real Murders; A Bone to Pick; Three Bedrooms, One Corpse; The Julius House)

Laura Childs
Death By Darjeeling (Tea Shop Mysteries #1)
Shades Of Earl Grey (Tea Shop Mysteries #3)

Cleo Coyle
Latte Trouble (Coffeehouse Mystery #3)
Murder Most Frothy (Coffeehouse Mystery #4)
Decaffeinated Corpse (Coffeehouse Mystery #5)
French Pressed (Coffeehouse Mystery #6)

I bought all the books used and their condition ranges from good to very good. Some of the books have yellowed pages as they are older editions. Please note that the Aurora Teagarden Omnibus has some small burn marks on a couple of pages towards the end of the book - the text there is readable and the book doesn't smell of cigarettes either, but I thought I'd mention this! Nasty surprises like this are the downside of buying used books, I guess!

And now, comment away!
Tell me why you want to win these books.
Tell me which country you're from (to make sure you really are from somewhere in Europe).
Tell me how you follow (like I said, I'm not picky, so simply follow the way you like best).
Tell me how I can contact you in case you're being picked as the winner.

This post will be open for a week, but time may be extended in case of low entries.


  1. I am from the United Kingdom (europe)and i would really love to be given the oportunity of being entered for these fantastic books, because not only am i an avid reader & literature lover but i also am an English Student hence i am trying to expand my knowlege by reading all kinds of different genre. I would love to go into an english based career and so reading is very important to me, plus i have to add that i adore mysteries (enjoy Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie and all kinds of old & new detective stories as well as newer works).
    My apologies again for being unable to leave a comment on your blog, although i have joined via email and i would be exceedingly obliged if you might be able to concider me for the giveaway, as your books look truly facinating & intreguing.


  2. OMG, I almost forgot about this one even though I thought to myself I have to come here on Monday!!!!

    I only started reading cozies again a couple of months ago and my shelf needs fresh food! I loved Ch. Harris' Sookie and was always curious to read Aurora Garden, what a perfect opportunity!
    And I am a big coffee lover so the Coffeehouse mysteries are right up my alley. Not too fussed about tea (I know you are), but I am sure I can live with a couple of teahouse mysteries as well.
    So, yes, I would LOVE this collection of cozies.
    Country: Germany. Following through RSS.

  3. scotland..
    a ToTaL mystery luver! and have never yet had a laura childs tea mystery! unbelievable but easily rectified if you choose me ;))
    you know just by my blog name I am ALL ABOUT TEA! right?
    DeliTed to find your offer Birgit.. i've been a long time gfc follower & on goodreads a fan waiting for your friendship... :)
    'The Attic in My Yard' is on my wishlist.
    [do you need a review?] contact via blog profile for email or comment on fb [friend request sent]

    stop by FHC for tea with me today ~ scones and Spring teacups to welcome the new season ~
    and hopefully a box of books to while away the hours ;) ...

    TY, Birgit, for this generous offer!
    i'll be watching the post with anticipation...

  4. Hello!
    I'm sorry it's so late - but I promised you on goodreads that I will take a part in it :) I follow you though GFC (disincentive).
    I'm from Poland! It's amazing country in central Europe (:

    I'd like ot win a book... Because they help me to learn English. I love books and when I read them in English it's learning and fun at once! And I want to study English at university, so it's like important thing for me.
    Not the best reason maybe, but that's all (:

    Have a nice day!