March 31, 2012

Pajama Musings - An almost epic fail

Remember my bookish New Years Resolutions?
In short, I failed.

Before anyone gets the wrong ideas, I didn't fail with all of them, but some managed to kind of slip through somewhere along the way. First though the good news *pats herself on the shoulder*. I didn't download any free eBooks and I didn't go on a shopping spree either. Especially the latter had me initially worried, but now that I'm half way through my book buying ban I am quite surprised that actually it's really not so bad. Admittedly it helps me to focus on this resolution every time I stub a toe on one of my towering book piles. Does it mean my wishlist's been growing by a rate of ten books per week? Oddly enough, nope. My wishlist looks pretty smallish. Shocking, right? Then again, having mountain ranges of unread books kind of puts things into perspective.

So where did I fail then? Well, the other two resolutions I made *sigh*.

First of all I wanted to take it slower with my reading schedule, but somehow I already managed to read 42 books in only three months which means I'm way ahead as far as the 100 books I planned on reading goes. Sure, I figured I'd end up reading more than that, but by the looks of it I may head towards 200 without much difficulty. On second thought, maybe I should just squeeze in more chunksters which would at least reduce the number of books if not the page count. Bottom line, it could be worse - maybe I'll take a reading hiatus sometime this year! The blog hiatus worked great for me, made me recuperate, and I was full of energy and new ideas after those four weeks, so maybe a little time out when it comes to reading might have the same effect. Or maybe not.

Secondly I'm once again treading in last year's steps and have only read English books. Like I mentioned before, my book piles consist of mostly books in the English language, yet there are also quite a few German books that want to be read one fine day. Unfortunately, so far, that fine day hasn't arrived yet. I wanted to read at least two German books each month, so in theory I could catch up with that plan if I read three starting from now. Feasible? Certainly. Likely? Hahaha! Then again, I do have some German chunksters which would fit perfectly in my Tea & Books Reading Challenge, so all hope is not lost. Yet.

How about the rest of you? Did you make any bookish resolutions? How are those working out for you? Anywhere close to my own (almost) epic fail?


  1. I usually have my 3-4 months of book ban after September, or starting with this month, since I usually buy more books during summer and then, I do need time to read them. I don't think you failed at all, really, the only problem with me for example is that during restriction time, the urge to buy books is higher...I also used to have a resolution involving "don't but more than two books a month", but I could not stick to it, since I usually buy 5 or 6 at a time, to save on shipping... Oh, awesomebooks does not ship to romania, so my plan of buying my first lot from them during summer has epically failed :))

    1. It does make sense to buy more to save on shipping, so I guess in the end you either have to buy no books at all OR the whole lot, hahaha!
      I had no idea that AwesomeBooks doesn't ship to you. As far as buying used book goes they are great, so maybe they'll ship to Romania rather sooner than later.

  2. I see a two week reading hiatus in your future in about 5 1/2 months. :)

    1. I like your way of thinking, Amy!