March 24, 2012

Pajama Musings - Won't you follow me?

It's one of those topics that will pop up on blogs every once in a while. Today it's my turn. We're all following countless blogs and websites, and we do so one way or another. With the demise of GFC various new followers widgets have settled down on our side bars and admittedly the space is getting kind of crammed by now. If you're on Blogger, like I am too, the obvious choice still is GFC, though the word is that after they pulled the plug for non-Blogger sites, it won't be too long before it will retire completely.

Fear not, because you can follow in your RSS reader of choice or maybe by e-mail. And then there's always the option of a Google+ or a Facebook fan page, and in the latter case you may additionally offer Networked Blogs to your readers. And of course there is also good old Twitter. Not entirely new either is Bloglovin' and then there's Linky Followers which came to my attention just recently. I'm sure there are even more ways you can follow your favorite blogs, but you already get a pretty good idea what I'm getting at here. I hope.

Tons of ways to follow vs the hunt for numbers. I mean, let's face it, it is a good feeling to see your follower count rising. For some this might be a sport (which, frankly, it shouldn't be) and for others it's simple proof that people like their blog content. Either way, with so many different ways to follow, and GFC pretty much out of the big game, it's become increasingly hard to determine your ... well, let's call it popularity, in lack of another word.

I realize there are other ways to gain insight information on how many page views you get and stuff like that (try Google Analytics for example), but those aren't on display on your blog. And with people following you in half a dozen different ways, some even following more than one way, how can you even determine how many individual followers you've got?

Now some might argue they don't care about this whole numbers game. Others will probably be in the middle of a panic attack. Me? Honestly, I go by page views these days. As much as my recent milestone of crossing the 1.000 followers mark on GFC made me burst with pride, this number means nothing without the context of how often someone actually visits your blog. Last month I had roughly 15.000 page views and while Blogger stats don't show how many of those are recurring visitors it does prove something - a whole lot of folks have a pretty good taste in blogs, yay!

What do you think about the many possible ways to follow blogs? Do you appreciate having various options? Which is/are your preferred ones? And what about those blog stats? Are you a sucker for those rising follower numbers or are you more of a silent appreciator of page views?


  1. I've only ever been a page counter. I mean Wordpress tracks your followers (and if you link Twitter and Facebook it counts those too), but I just find it neat when people actually come to the site and check things out! The coolest is when randomly one day it looks like someone flipped through all your blogs (a lot of one page views for blogs going back ages. That's how I discovery blogs I like to follow!

  2. Honestly, I don't worry about how many followers I have. I blog for me, not for others. I'm always amazed that anyone is reading it.

  3. I've never really used Google Reader or GFC especially since switching to Wordpress, and I like their method of tracking activity better. When I first started blogging I used GFC more of a way to say, hi, I'm reading your blog... but sometimes I clicked it just out of politeness which after a while felt pointless. I'm either gonna read your blog, or I'm not.

    I use a programme called feedreader ( which sits in your computer tray. I find it easier then having to go to Google Reader all the time.

    I find it interesting what search terms bring people to my blog and how many people come by a day. I've noticed recently that a lot of people click on 'like' on my blog lately.

  4. Hi Birgit, I only use the google friend connect, I'm not into all the facebook stuff and all the other following gadgets...when google decides to get rid of friend connect then I'll think about a different means if at all...Have a great day! :o) Hugs Jennifer

  5. I'm apparently one of the 5 peeps that follow you on bloglovin'. :) bloggers who obsessively try to increase their GFC number get on my nerves (asking for follow back or making it the mandatory entry for giveaways). don't they realize that the most of them aren't real readers?

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