March 19, 2012

A Writer's Life - Still alive and typing

By the looks of it I made it through my hiatus unscathed. I wonder if anyone thought that I might extend it or maybe come back earlier? But nope, those four weeks I planned for the hiatus really worked perfectly well for me. I'm more excited, more relaxed, more inspired, more energetic, more ... well you get the general idea.

Taking a break did me good and, if I dare say so, I have this feeling it will also improve the quality of my posts. Not as though those would have been lousy before I started hiatus-ing (love that word creation though it will probably make all those grammar enthusiast throw a fit), but during the past few weeks lots of fresh and interesting ideas sneaked up on me and who am I to deny entry if they knock and ask to be let in so very politely (and quite insistent too).

So, here I am, not the lazy bum some small part of me feared I might morph into during my break, but ready for some serious action. Of course I did a pretty good impersonation of that lazy bum during the first half of my hiatus, but hell, that was part of the deal and it's not as though I'd be hanging around with unwashed hair and unshaved legs ... on second thought, I don't quite recall shaving my ... oh never mind.

I've seen other bloggers going on hiatus and I've always wondered about those who sounded so stressed out that they declared not even being certain they'd return. Some did, others didn't. Makes you wonder what the difference between those two factions is. Maybe you need to pull the plug early enough and definitely before the whole floor is already flooded (so to speak) so that you'll inevitably get wet feet or slip out or even both. Don't ask me where this bathroom analogies are coming from. Must be this distracting thought that my legs and my shaver will have a date later on.

That said, don't be scared of taking some time off if you need it. Your blog followers won't desert you like rats scrambling from a sinking ship. Your loyal followers won't mind if you take some me-time, and those who only stop by every once in a blue moon won't really notice if you're gone for a month. Yep, we all have such nominal followers hidden in the depths of our GFC widget.

There are two things you should take to heart: 1) not worrying about followers running off by the dozen and 2) warning them by announcing your hiatus, of course. Trust me, this is better than to simply vanish and reappear weeks or months later (and yes, I've seen that quite a few times happening). If you take blogging seriously you owe it to your readers to simply let them know about your vacation from blogging. I realize there are some bloggers who already break out in cold sweat when they think about the possibility of loosing one or two followers (I've seen shockingly long blog posts by mournful bloggers who made this a subject, oh my), but these things happen even if you blog daily year in and out.

Still scared folks might run off? Alrighty ... as some of you might know I used to have a travel blog too - The Travel Garden - and when I decided to go on a extended hiatus declaring I didn't know when or if I'd ever be back, guess what happened? Last time I checked (a minute ago) I had 23 followers. Before you go into shock, guess how many I had when I announced the break sometime last November? 23. Any further questions? Didn't think so.

Here's to the end of a month of hiatus-ing ... and unshaved legs too! I'm glad I'm back and now, if you'll excuse me now, me and my razor have things to do ...


  1. Welcome back! And glad you had a good hiatus.

  2. Welcome back, Birgit. Time really flies, doesn't it. I am glad you enjoyed your hiatus.

    And I am looking forward to the cozy mystery giveaway next week! I'll enter ten times with ten different names and email adresses (created exactly for that purpose only) from ten different compunters and you will never be the wiser. :)

  3. welcome back, i'm happy the hiatus did you well. and yes we are still there of course^^ ( sorry your return was a bit hard with the one who tried to cheat in the giveaway)

    all the best

  4. I bet I wouldn't notice if half the blogs I follow took a hiatus! There are a few that I visit all the time and I notice if they go quiet (and I'll often send a message to check they're OK) but otherwise I just read the posts that appear in my RSS.

    But welcome back!

  5. See if you only have a couple of followers rather than masses, you don't worry about losing them! ;) Now I just have to get back into the habit of checking your blog daily. I am glad the hiatus worked. I found last year during my blogging experiment that if it stressed me out, I walked away for a couple days, and when I sat down again to blog, I felt better.