April 11, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - The Color Of

You know how I always dig up all kinds of neat little websites that no one really needs but which are so much fun to spend time on? Here's yet another one that invites you to play. Granted, it's not exactly book related. Unless you want it to be, of course.

The color of is a system created to find out the color of anything, by using and combining image data from Flickr. This beta feature implements an averaging algorithm on the colour pixel values of the images, displaying the result incrementally as each picture is loaded.

And will grass be green? Will blue be blue? Actually, yes. So how about more abstract search terms?

What about books?

Or a particular novel?

And your name?

Fun? Oh yes. And perfect for those moments when you're utterly bored.


  1. Tried it! I guess with names it's almost the same color/hue with any...

  2. This is just neat. And very bad to come across when I'm trying to get ready for work!

  3. lovely colors! I'm never bored but I had to try it anyway. :D