April 4, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - Fresh Fiction

Who doesn't like to stick their nose into various book sites? One that I frequent quite often (admittedly mostly to check out the contests *cough*) is Fresh Fiction which provides tons of information on current authors and their books. Specializing in genre fiction - romance, mystery, suspense, thrillers, horror, science fiction, fantasy, contemporary, graphic and action novels - you will find a lot of different features here. From author pages to reviews, from columns to contests, there is literally something new and read-worthy popping up here every day.

Obviously you can always visit an individual author's website, but finding so many authors at one glance, with up-to-date news about their books, does have its advantages. Needless to say, you'll easily find new authors for your wishlist here too. Now you might wonder what kind of authors ... from Sandra Brown to Kate Carlisle, from Jade Lee to Lori Wilde (and that's naming but a few).

On the website you'll also find The Fresh Fiction Blog which is a team effort by Fresh Fiction members and readers. Each day guest authors, reviewers and readers are hosted on the blog, reflecting ideas and opinions of popular fiction authors and readers.

Of course you may keep up to date by signing on to the newsletter and while you don't have to register to access the website, it does pay off. Not only is it free, you can even end up getting lucky in one of the many contests going on here, most of which are open worldwide.

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  1. How do you always find all those sites? I will definitely check this one out. Did you say contests??? Great!