April 30, 2012

Old Books in Need of a New Home Winner

Once again you haven't made it easy for me to pick the winner. I could honestly see those books in the homes of each and every one who entered, so to make it fair after all I basically had to throw all your names into a hat, close my eyes and pick one paper slip. Who's curious about the name that was on it?

Some old books have found a new home!
But with whom and where?
With Disincentive in Poland!

E-mail's on its way and soon the box of books will be too!

The next Old Books in Need of a New Home post will be up in about a month and this time the box will be filled with some spanking new books I excavated in the basement! Genre? Christian literature.
I know this is a rather specific giveaway, so if you read this now and already think this might be something for you, mark your calendars for the last week of May!


  1. I already sent you my email :D Just a big YAY! I'm so happy :D

  2. Congratulations!!

    This is fabulous thank you!