April 9, 2012

A Writer's Life - The exciting life of a writer

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Oh the exciting life of a writer! I wish. Or maybe not. After all, as entertaining it may seem on TV, it's not quite the same fun to stumble upon dead bodies in real life. Not to say this ever happened to me, but I dare say I wouldn't be amused. More like screaming and barfing or something like that. Then again, maybe I underestimate myself and I'd simply faint. Oh well.

But seriously, the life of the writer may be many things, but exciting isn't one of them. Unless you count the exciting worlds we create in our minds. Other then that I'm talking hermit in pajamas behind the computer screen. And there you were thinking we'd spend our time meeting interesting people while lounging about in a coffee shop all day typing the next bestselling thriller on our laptop. Not quite, my dears. Apart from being recluse while we write, we indulge in such mundane tasks as grocery shopping and doing the laundry. Even a pajama needs a good wash every now and then, you know. And of course the author must be fed. Same goes for the dog.

I wonder where people get the notion about this supposedly exciting life from anyway. In fact I think that when we are clueless about what exactly a person does in a particular job, we boil it down to the essentials, add some stereotypes we've picked up somewhere along the way, and voila, we have the 21st century version of Ernest in a bar. Well, admittedly, some of us might need the booze to dull the noise our rascal kids are making in the next room, but generally we stick to heavy doses of caffeine.

Anyone seen those What ... think I do memes that recently went viral on the internet? It only goes to show that our perception of certain occupations is not quite as accurate as we think it is.

Yep, that last pic nails it! Talk about exciting *scoffs*.


  1. Great pic about what a writer is supposed to do :) Still, seeing how some writers manage to live by writing fantastic books and travel and give meaningful interviews, such as JW, I can still envy them :)

  2. I love the fiction writer meme pic! That is funny. Even though I am a writer and I know what writing consists of (sitting in front of a computer and hoping what you write isn't too awful), I still think in a tiny corner of me that it is glamorous to be a writer! lol Castle doesn't help though, when does he *I know he's imaginary, but still - when does he find time to write, when he's off solving crimes so much???

    Fun post, Birgit!