May 9, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - Build Creative Writing Ideas

And yet another interesting site for all writers out there!

Build Creative Writing Ideas is a site devoted to finding new creative writing ideas for authors, bloggers and playwrights of any kind and to motivate them to write! This page by Bryan Cohen is full of everything a writer's heart (and muse) could ask for - roughly 100 pages of creative writing prompts to start your stories, scripts, blogs, etc.; motivational tips and tricks to get you out of your writing slump; ideas to step up your time management, diet and your overall happiness to make you more focused on your writing goals; and hundreds of stories written by fellow writers who want to practice their craft for all to see.

One of the first pages on the website to head to is the Site Map which provides you with a great overview of the available tips, techniques and prompts - from Creative Writing Tips to Personal Time Management, straight to Motivation Techniques and a huge section of Creative Writing Prompts

I realize some creative minds would rather write about their cat's constipation than venture onto a website to get inspired. The point is that writers do get their ideas from all kinds of sources, from observation to research, from reading to conversations, from ... well, you get the general idea. And sometimes the good old muse needs a slight nudge. In my opinion the prompts offered are more aimed towards those taking their first steps in creative writing, though anyone, even a seasoned writer may find some interesting ideas here.

What I love the most about the writing prompts here is how they are sorted by various themes. Looking for something Dark, Disturbing and WeirdAs you are walking down the street, you hear loud sirens. Before you can figure out the reason, you see a giant flash of light and you pass out. You wake up in a giant pile of rubble. What has happened and where do you go from here?
Or how about something related to what we all love - Books! You have been given the chance to adapt a book of your choosing to the big screen! How do you go about making this book fit the typical 2 hour run time without losing any of your beloved or important elements?

And oh, did I mention that this site and all it's got to offer is free? Donations are welcome though (hey, you even get personalized writing prompts for donating), and you may always by one of Bryan Cohen's books if you want even more tips and advice on writing (eg on Smashwords).


  1. great page! I'm not a writer but I see a lot of information I could use.

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