May 23, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - Mantex

Welcome to week four of presenting websites for writers!

Mantex aims to provide everyone from students to teachers with a service to improve their writing and study skills. Already in the late 1990s the site started to include online learning materials and eLearning course design services. The website consistently offers free downloadable materials to its visitors, a free monthly newsletter, and a range of materials related to arts, literature, technology, and graphic design.

While you'll find everything from Tutorials to Reviews here, the probably most interesting page for writers must be the Download page which provides free guidance notes on Writing Skills and English Language, sample pages, How-to guides, and Study Resources. What separates this website from others is how it will help improve your skills for general, academic, and creative writing. Some are for beginners, others for the seasoned writer, and as the focus is not solely on creative writing, you can also find information on eg writing scientific reports, copy editing, or creating a good page layout, so no matter if you write a novel, a dissertation, or simply a book review, you'll find help to get you started (or keep you on track) here. Books for further studies can be bought as eBooks in the Shop too.

To top this off, there's also the option to get a free consultation with a professional author, Roy Johnson who has written several books on writing and study skills. He lectured at the Open University for thirty-five years and has been writing online for the last two decades. Just ask a question on any topic related to writing or study skills and you'll get free advice! Admittedly I haven't tried this out, but it's good to know!

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