May 2, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - SPAWN

I recently noticed that I introduce you to a lot more sites for readers than for those writing, so I decided to change this a little bit in the next few editions of the Beyond the Shelf feature. Yep, May will be solely dedicated to writing. And don't worry, I think those websites will also be of interest of those who rather read than write.

SPAWN which is short for The Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network provides information, resources and opportunities for everyone involved in or interested in publishing, encouraging the exchange of ideas and information on writing, marketing, and publishing. The purpose of SPAWN is to provide opportunities, information and resources not just for authors, but also for illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, editors, self-publishers, and others involved in the process of publishing.

Now, there are many interesting and free articles to be found here, mainly short yet informative teasers. Something that's of particular interest to me is the Review page which lists books reviewed by SPAWN members who are experts in writing and publishing. Not only will you find a nice selection of books here, but you also get a good idea of which ones might be the most helpful (and interesting, for that matter) for your personal writerly needs.

Signing up to SPAWN as a member (for $65,00 a year) will give you a lot more benefits such as market updates, discounts, event calendars, free books, kid's projects, and even health benefits. For more information just check out the Become a Member of SPAWN page.

Last but not least, one of the contributors to the website is Patricia Fry whose book Promote Your Book I already reviewed last year. I've been following her own blog Matilija Press since I read the book as it continually  provides me with ideas (or reminders) on writing and publishing. Frankly, I wish I'd listen to what she's got to say more often *cough*.

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