May 16, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - The Write Thing

And yet another one for those writers out there!

The Write Thing is a website, started by Pip Hunn in late 2009, as a writing project after noticing how a lot of the writing advice on the internet was rather generic and boring. He decided to share what he knew about "the interesting squiggly minutiae of writing – the dark, ugly corners that make life so delicious and interesting".

The Write Thing's Guiding Philosophies are to write often, enjoy writing, ask questions, get opinions, and last but not least to trust yourself.

While Pip might not be an expert (at least he doesn't claim to be one), he certainly offers more than a handful of advice on how to hold the mighty sword that can be found in every writer's possession (the pen, folks, the pen, not the keyboard, though that one might make for a good shield, I'll grant you that).

Talk Listen Think Write

In the collection of articles you can find anything from some words of the wise in Ten words not to use. Ever. (we all know it, yet we still use them like confetti) past the hilarious You know you write too much when ... (and I won't even go there as to just how many of these ring true for me, oh my) straight to the contemplative Why arrogance is a virtue for writers
Sadly, the flow or articles stopped last year, but maybe Pip is just tangled up in too much writing. But seriously, there are some really (ha, I put that one here on purpose) great articles to be found here and it'd be a shame if they went un-read.

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