May 25, 2012

Book 101 - Epilogue

Books may not always have a prologue or epilogue, but it seemed a good fit to name this last post of the Book 101 feature the latter. Of course I wouldn't want to leave without at least one more piece of bookish information.

An epilogue is a piece of writing at the end of a work of literature, usually used to bring closure to the work. In other words, the plot has ended, but it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that there might be a sequel some day.

That said, I hope you all enjoyed my Friday excursions aka the look behind the covers (pun intended). Until July this will be my day off. Not to say I'm running low on inspired and feasible plans, but those of you who're following my every post will already have an inkling of what I'm up to as far as a new feature is concerned. So, see you all again on July 6th with something brand-new and in all likelihood longer lasting than the previous Friday features.

Last but not least, here's a rundown of all the Book 101 posts (sorry, too lazy to add all the links, but that's why I tagged them all with Book 101, easy peasy):
  1. Mystery vs Thriller
  2. Of Novellas and Novelettes
  3. The Alphabet
  4. (Auto)biography
  5. Romance
  6. Young Adult
  7. Fairy Tales
  8. The Library
  9. Punk'd
  10. Speculative Fiction
  11. The oldest books in the world
  12. The Printing Press
  13. Children's Literature
  14. Audio Books
  15. Calligraphy
  16. Science Fiction
  17. Paperback vs Hardback
  18. Typos
  19. Tablet Tales
  20. POV

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