May 6, 2012

The Reading Files - One for the challenge

Time to get slightly more serious about my own reading challenges, I plowed through a three-novels-omnibus edition by Dean Koontz. I'm talking 800 pages hardcover tome. I'm talking great workout for those arm muscles. And I'm talking only one more to go for The Dean Koontz Reading Challenge, woohoo!! Very proud of self!

Dean Koontz Omnibus: Cold Fire/ The Mask / The Face Of Fear (Dean Koontz)
Source: bought used
Genre: Thriller / Paranormal

Cold Fire: When school teacher Jim Ironheart saves a child from being killed by a drunk driver, reporter Holly Thorne witnesses his heroism. Intrigued, she discovers he has quietly performed many such rescues. Realizing she is on to the biggest story of her life, Holly tracks Jim to California. And soon they are both running for their lives from a savage and uncannily powerful adversary. In great jeopardy, they are eventually drawn to a high room in an old windmill where as a boy Jim experienced something frightening and strange.

The Mask: She appears our of nowhere ... in the middle of traffic, on a busy day, in front of Carol's car. A teenager with no past, no family - and no memories. Carol and Paul are instantly drawn to her, this girl they name Jane - she is the daughter they never had. It is almost too good to be true. Then the hauntings begin.

The Face Of Fear: Graham Harris is a gifted clairvoyant, and during a late-night TB interview, he "sees" a murder being committed. he knows the killer is the man the police have named the Butcher - the brutal slayer of nine young women. Learning of the psychic identification, the Butcher begins to stalk this witness to his crime, and traps Harris and his girlfriend at night in a vast forty-two story business building, hunting them relentlessly from floor to floor.

Title & Cover: What is there to say about a cover that features all three covers of the included book? And those aren't exactly bordering on awesome either. Oh well ...
Story: Premonitions, visions, people dying, people being murdered - those three novels are all thrillers  at the core with just a touch of paranormal.
Narrative: Typical Koontz style - you can't turn the pages fast enough and wonderfully descriptive of people and situations!
Characters: The good and the bad, all finely layered!
Thoughts: Contrary to the first Omnibus edition I read earlier this year the novels included here were almost like reading new books. Has it really been that long since I first read them. Probably yes. Personally I liked Cold Fire best because of how suspense builds until the end. The other two were good too, yet the endings felt a bit rushed which is a real shame.
P.S.: If you're new to this author getting acquainted with one of his earlier books is highly recommended!

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