May 20, 2012

The Reading Files - Slowly

Alright, ok, this week has been awfully slow for me. Two books read. Small volumes at that. I'm hanging my head in shame.

Desert Angel (Charlie Price)
Source: won
Genre: YA Thriller

Fourteen-year-old Angel wakes up one morning at her desert trailer home to discover her mother has been murdered by a lowlife named Scotty, who has vanished. Angel has no water, no weapon, but she knows that Scotty, an expert tracker and hunter, will surface soon in order to eliminate her as a witness. She has to run, to disappear, if she is to survive and tell the world what happened. Her flight takes her through a harsh landscape to places she never expected to be, forcing her to trust others for the first time and strengthening her in ways she doesn’t even anticipate ... until it’s time to take a stand.

Title & Cover: Kinda neat, though if it weren't for the reflection in the eye that element would seriously disturb me.
Story: Mom's boyfriend kills her. Daughter runs for her life.
Narrative: The first couple pages get your heart rate up, then it sort of mellows out.
Characters: I didn't warm up to Angel (blame her often stupid decision), but I did grow quite fond of Rita who's a really well written character.
Thoughts: Attention everyone wanting to read this book because it sounds like it's about survival of a girl in a desert. It's not. Angel spends about three pages on the run, thirsty and all, before people help her. The person who wrote the blurb should be sent to the desert if you ask me. Overall an ok read, just not what I expected.

No Evidence Of A Crime (S. Connell Vondrak)
Source: won
Genre: Thriller

As Washington, D.C. detectives investigate the murder of a beautiful, young congressional aide shot dead near the Capital Mall, subtle discrepancies with the evidence become apparent. The murder weapon is identified as a Glock, but an eyewitness places the shooter too far away to have used a handgun. The slain woman was a player in high-stakes D.C. politics, yet DNA results reveal she was pregnant and the baby's father was a gang member. The detectives bring in a forensic scientist to retest the samples, and determine evidence is being altered at the crime laboratory. Detectives Jarrod and Jackson must find out who is tampering with the facts ... and why.

Title & Cover: Please shoot me!
Story: Woman gets shot and evidence gets tampered with. Whodunnit with an emphasis on forensics.
Narrative: Descriptive (yay), slow going (yawn), and could have used some more editing.
Characters: I have to say I really liked those - three dimensional and all.
Thoughts: Admittedly it's been all the forensic insights that made this book enjoyable for me. It definitely shows that the author worked in this field. The story itself was kind of ok, but didn't really thrill me that much.


  1. Ouch, Birgit! Looks like you struggled with both of them! I hope you enjoy your future reads much more! :)

    1. So far, this week, I'm working myself through more "average" books. Oh well.

  2. Cover blurbs can be so misleading...I try and not read them. Which means I pick up books on gut feeling half the time, it seems to have worked so far!

    1. They can be and they are. I kinda expected "Tempest" to be different than it is too - time travel, yes, but too much of a Jason Bourne undertone, which makes it a bit weird.