May 21, 2012

A Writer's Life - Don't I wish

Copyright by freshome

Where do you write? Or blog, for that matter? Probably not in the setting shown above (in case I'm wrong and it should, in fact, be you sitting in that pool, feel free to send me a message so we can discuss some kind of timeshare on that fabulous spot).

But seriously, how often do writer's moan about needing a change of scenery, because their writing nook is too dark and dusty (if you write serious, broody novels, you might want to stay there, so as not to make your characters too lively which is often a hazard of people watching). The next best thing would be heading off to your favorite coffee shop, though you should be able to work in environments that are a wee bit louder than the one you probably have at home where all you can hear are your thoughts (this might not be healthy for everyone, unless you're a writer, because we are usually able to funnel this inherent insanity into something creative).
Obviously both the entrenching-at-home and venturing-to-the-java-joint are at the same time so clich├ęd and yet so true. Then there are those who break out from these two scenarios and are daring enough to write in a park, or maybe on the train. Things will get a little rough during a downpour or rush hour, but hey, some books need this kind of external influence to keep things in motion.

But no matter where we write, we all dream of doing this somewhere else sometimes. Maybe holed up in an igloo (if you're not averse to the cold) or on a tropical island (if you can handle mosquitoes and humidity)? Or, to keep it a bit more realistic, in the garden on a warm sunny day. Now that is a lovely idea. If only I had a garden ...

To get back to that picture above I wonder if it might not be a tad too distracting. For one I would a) not be in the pool but swimming in the ocean and b) tempted to flirt with the cabana boy instead of getting some romance going on my laptop. But maybe that's just me.

Where do you write? Ever contemplated a change of scenery for your writerly adventures? Or do you fear that some locations might divert your creative thoughts a little too much? Let me know.


  1. Not to mention that you might splash your laptop with water, which could be tragic for all involved.

    But to answer your question, since I write by 'typing' these days, it's on the laptop, in the living room, with the tv going, possibly the dishwasher running, and usually beagles making noise of some sort (either playful noises or snoring). When I'm in the mood to write, I can tune out almost anything-even airports, where, surprisingly my desire to people watch can be overridden by my desire to write.

    1. Just imagining doggie snoring as background music ... in lack of any pets, I'll either write in silence with only the birds chirping outside, or I'll pop in a CD that fits my current writing mood. Contrary to reading when I have to have complete silence around me (no reading on the plane for me) I am capable of writing in public places. In fact I spent the better part of my school days, ahem, in busy coffee shops ... writing. Time well spent, eh?