June 13, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - The BLOGBloke

Let me introduce you to another lovely site that makes the blogger's life a tad easier! The BLOGBloke  is a great resource for everything bloggy!

It all started with me accidentally stumbling upon the article Spring Cleaning Your Blog and while I don't exactly recall what on Earth I've been googling for to end up here, I certainly am glad I did. The BLOGBloke supplies bloggers with "authoritative tips and entertaining commentary on Blogging, Social Media and Technology (with just a little attitude)" and while this blog isn't aimed exclusively at book bloggers, you're sure to find plenty of infos, tips and tricks on anything related to blogging in general.

The BLOGBloke, which was launched in 2001, is actually an extension of another site, the TECHBloke where he shares his thoughts not only on blogging and technology, which includes online communications, social media, podcasting, business and marketing, and much more.

Something I really like about the page is how you can sort all articles by recent, favs, best, hot!, and topic (you find this in the right column). Hot! immediately caught my attention and guess what pops up as top article there? Migrating Blogger to Wordpress: The Complete Guide ... seeing how many bloggers are doing just that (not me, not yet, anyway) I guess this was pretty much a no brainer to make first place.

Here are some links that I found fun and/or interesting to read, and maybe you will too:
10 Reasons Why I Don't Like Your Blog
Why Blogging is Better than Social Networking - Or is it?
The Importance of Linking

Now that you've headed over and left me here all alone I shall make my rounds through the web for next weeks edition of Beyond the Shelf - see ya!

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  1. Sounds like a great site. I will definitely check this bloke out!