June 6, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - DailyBlogTips

So we're bloggers. The longer we've been blogging the more knowledge we've gathered, but there's always something new to be learned or stuff to be looked up. What better place to get some useful information on anything blog related (not just for book blogs) than websites dedicated to helping us out!

Created by Daniel Scocco DailyBlogTips is a site which provides newbies as well as seasoned pro's all kinds of advice and tips regarding blogging. Guest authors from near and far add to the quantity, but but most of all, quality of the posts - from Blog Design to Writing Content, from Blogging Basics to Monetizing your blog, you can literally find tons of articles here. There will be new food for your blogger's thoughts posted on an almost daily basis too, so you're not in short supply of useful information.

Just some interesting articles you might want to check out ...
33 Ways to Instant Blogging Failure
The Frustrations of a Guest Blogger
8 Amazing Blogging Lessons From Albert Einstein
How to Make Almost Every Article You Write Go Viral
It's a WordPress World

So yes, there is also a whole section dedicated to Wordpress and I kinda wish there was one for Blogger too. On the upside, apart from all the advice, there's also space for some fun. Like quotes? You might want to check out the Blogging Quotes then.


  1. Great list of tips, for new bloggers like me but also for people who've been blogging for a while. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks Birgit! That's just what I need.
    Thanks for sharing :-)