June 4, 2012

Old Books in Need of a New Home Winner

Admittedly I was a bit worried that no one would enter this giveaway due to being a rather specific genre. My last straw would have been donating the whole box along with several other boxes filled with books that are still crammed into the basement. Anyway, there were some entries after all, woohoo!

Some old books have found a new home!
But with whom and where?
With Faith Hope Cherrytea in the UK!

E-mail's on its way and soon the box of books will be too!

The next Old Books in Need of a New Home post will be up at the end of June. Once again it's going to be a rather specific giveaway, this time because I'll be filling up the box with some tomes in the German language. Genre? Historical literature. If this should interest you, mark your calendars!

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