June 28, 2012

Old Books in Need of a New Home Announcement

Do I really need to mention that I was a tad worried whether anyone would enter this giveaway? I mean, giving away German books on an English blog, that's not the best of prerequisite if you ask me. However, I did get two entries ... neither one in German as requested and one apparently not even from somewhere in Europe. Both have obviously not even read the *insert some choice swear words* blog post *grumbles*. Darn giveaway vultures!

I admit, I did end the giveaway a few days early, but by the looks of it there wasn't a chance that the minimum of two valid entries I set myself in this case, would ever be reached. I shall be looking at this as a learning experience, and trust me, I am not likely to try and give away German books again anytime soon, ha.

On a more positive note - the next Old Books in Need of a New Home post will be up at the end of August. This time it's going to a mixed box with crime, romance, and memoirs. The cherry on the cake will be that they are not only in like-new condition, but even more so four of those books are also signed!


  1. i'm sorry you didn't find a good candidate this time

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience. Have you checked with a local library to see is they could use the German editions?