June 30, 2012

Pajama Musings - This is the end!

Guess what today is?
The end.
Oh yes.
Not just the end of the month.
The end of my book buying ban.

I'm not sure what to say first ... WOOHOOO or ALLELUJA?
I guess I'll simply settle for both and repeat them as my new mantra over and over and over (and one more time) and over again.

So, let's look back on the past six months of no book shopping. In short, I didn't cave and go on some secret shopping spree. I honestly didn't. Now that's will power for ya! I even purged my wishlist as not to be totally overwhelmed when the time arrives in which I can once again splurge on those things with pages. Yet I've also come to realize that the ban would have been all in vain if I now got back to my old book buying habits, which means there are going to be rules, yes, rules on how many books I will allow myself to buy each month.

I decided that twelve is a good number, and first thing tomorrow morning, I shall head over to The Book Depository and buy those books I've been longing for pretty much since I went on the book buying ban. Now you may roll your eyes at the number twelve. Are you saying that twelve new books a month aren't good enough for you? Trust me, after my book buying fast twelve is basically borderline overdosing on the good stuff.

Besides, it's not as though my TBR piles have substantially shrunk in recent months. I mean, I did manage to make the number of unread books drop from slightly over 400 down to roughly 350, but compared to the 75 books I read this year, plus the 40 books I purged from my stacks as I didn't see myself reading them any time soon (or more like ever), this shrinkage is nothing to brag about. That's the downside to winning books or receiving them for review, I guess.

But on to what I'm going to put into my shopping basket! Anyone want to know? I figured you would. And here we are with the first few books I'm going to purchase ...

What's that you say? That ain't twelve books!? Of course not, silly! I need to spread those buying urges equally over the whole month and not just do it all in one day.

How about yourself? Are you abiding to rules on just how many books you allow yourself to buy each month? If so, what's your magic number? Please comment away!


  1. Congrats, Birgit! I am thrilled you were able to keep the ban for so long. Now, 12 for me is a big number, since I don't remember to have bought more than 5-6 books a month... and for July, my goal is 3 books from Paris, I already know which ones, and for August as well... I guess I am trying not to panic for the last three months of the year :)

  2. Terry Pratchett never disappoints :)

  3. Congrats on surviving the book ban. :) And have fun with your new books.

  4. WTG. I see several people go on such bans, with varying degrees of success. Glad you were able to win at yours.

    Have fun splurging; 12 books a month sounds like a good number to me :)

  5. It looks like you've chosen from excellent books to celebrate the end of your book buying ban! :)

  6. Congrats for surviving! Well done! I am doing well with mine, but am sorry to say that I think I will have to break it for ONE book. But I did stipulate that extremely good deals that must not be missed could be bought.
    12 books sounds a bit much in one go, but spread over a month it is not so bad. So, off you go!

  7. Woots and congratulations! When I go on a ban, it's a ban from reading as well...since until I started winning books, there weren't any unread fiction volumes in my house!

    Currently, I'm not buying full price, and not buying new, unless it's a really good deal or something I've been looking for, or completes a series. Charity stall purchases are ok...if they're part of a series: I've bought seven Dean Koontz books in the last two months this way!

    For the first time in my life, I feel overwhelmed with the number of books in the house that I haven't read...and I'm not even close to triple figures. I'll stop now before this turns from a commnet into a guest post!

    Joy to you for your new books :-)

  8. Yes, I am about to cut back on my book buying big time, so I've been slowing down as much as I can in the past month or so. I've got so many on my shelves to be read that I think I will manage this change. I do know that I want to buy a book or two still every month. Total book bans don't work with me!

    Enjoy buying your new books, it is such a pleasure to do, at least I find it is. Congratulations on making it through the 6 months.

  9. Thanks, guys! I'm really proud for going through with this and not giving in to temptation, not even once. I guess I'm living proof that you can survive a book buying ban ... of course who knows what long term damage such a ban might be? I might be scared for life!

  10. I've blown most my book buying budget for July on a signed limited edition Kelley Armstrong book from Subterreanean Press...it's more about settign a budget for me than number...which is probably why the TBR is so bad.